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Prepare for stress-free family photos

Family photos are such a treasure! But there’s no denying that some stressors may arise when planning for them. To help make your photography experience be as relaxed and easy as possible, I’ve complied a list of ways to help you prepare for stress-free family photos.

1. Share your heart with me

As your Eugene, Oregon family photographer, a big goal of mine is for your photo shoot to be comfortable, joyful, and fun. I help with this by sending you a pre-shoot questionnaire. This includes in-depth questions that grant me insight to your family dynamic. Knowing your children’s personalities, interests, and what you want to remember most about this stage of parenthood are so valuable in helping me document your authentic connection.

2. Communicate your stressors

Again, the more I know about you and your families comfort levels and needs, the smoother your session will go. Which, ultimately results in the most beautiful images. I am a candid style photographer, which is PERFECT for those who consider themselves “camera shy” or “awkward”. I do not want your focus to be one me, because my focus is on your interaction with the people who matter most to you.

That being said, I prompt families more than I pose them. So, things like any injury or disability that inhibits any of you from walking short distances or going from sitting to standing are important for me to know. As are if you’re okay with getting wet, dirty, sandy, muddy, or grassy.

3. Prepare in advance for your photos

The simplest way to prepare for stress-free family photos is to plan in advance. Inquire for your maternity and newborn bundle shortly after you find out you’re pregnant. Set up a birth consultation with me once you’ve found your midwife. Schedule your Holiday family photos a few months in advance. Planning in advance helps us lock in your ideal date, come up with the most epic location, coordinate outfits with my virtual stylist and shop with easy leading up to your session. Rather than running around last minute feeling overwhelmed by the entire event! Don’t worry, I’ve been there!

What does it mean to have a relaxed family session?

Having a stress-free family photography experience means you are able to be yourself. Love your family. Simply be present and enjoy the moment as someone else makes art of it. Family sessions with me go far beyond meeting you at a beautiful location, taking pictures and saying see ya. I want your family session to be a positive experience and a special memory. One that makes you smile every time you pass your photos hanging on your walls. Or that bring tears of happiness to your eyes as you flip through family albums when your babies are grown. These moments mean something and they are so worth preserving!

Bonus tip to prepare for stress-free family photos:

Family sessions with me are child led and kids are expected to be kids. My interactive and storytelling approach are my tools to provide a stress-free session. But it can’t hurt to hype it up to your kids! Allow them to help you in preparing. Tell them about how much fun you’re going to have. Send me their favorite playlist so we can dance during your shoot. Or plan a special treat for after your session. Kids love feeling included and involved in actives. To help prepare for stress-free family photos, let go of expectations, take a deep breath, and love your family.

Interested in learning more about family sessions? Explore the site or reach out to start preparing for your stress-free family photos today! 😉



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Prepare for stress-free family photos

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