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Personalized Family Photography | Eugene Oregon Photographer

I am a big believer in celebrating authenticity and individuality. I aim to created a personalized family photography experience that is unique to each family I work with. This creates a comfortable and down-to-earth experience that is fun instead of stressful. In this post I will share what a personalized family photography experience looks like, how I cultivate a session that is true to you, and what is important to share with me about your family.

What does a personalized family photography session look like?

I totally get it. Family photos may sometimes feel a little stressful. But I’m here to tell you, they don’t have to! Check out this post for more info for stress-free family photos. Here I will share how I personalize your family photo session. As your Eugene, Oregon photographer my goal is to guide you through an interactive and authentic photo session that is soulful, comfortable, and fun.

This looks like prompting you through deep and soulful or silly and fun points of connection and games. Depending on what suites your families personality. Are you guys goof-balls who laugh laughing together and being outdoors? Or are you the private type who enjoy staying home and snuggling on the couch? Getting to know a little about you and your family prior to your session is a huge tool in allowing me to plan your session in a way that feels like you.

How do you create a family session that feels like us?

About a month before your session, I will send you a brief questionnaire. This is meant to help me gain some insight to your family dynamic. This asks basics like everyones names/ages, general interests, and personality traits. To a little more in-depth questions like, what do you wish to remember most about this stage of parenthood? Does anyone in your group have any injury or disability that prevents them from walking or going from sitting to standing? And describe your perfect day as a family.

Getting to know a little about you and your family helps me personalize and plan your photo session. Knowing if your little one is playful and love peek-a-boo or your pre-teen hates being tickled are notes I take to create or avoid prompts and interactions. This allows me to capture your true connection, love, and personality and make art of it.

What do you need to know about our family?

Like mentioned about, I include a mix of basic and in-depth questions to get to know more about your family. But how much or as little you want to share is completely up to you.

During this session, Brandy reached out telling me that she was a surrogate and wanted maternity photos. She wanted photos in water that celebrated her strength and courage. As well as to gift the baby and their intended parents a piece of their beautiful beginning. She also shared that her and her wife had just finalized adopting their son. So they also wanted family photos documenting this special time for them. But she didn’t want their family photos to highlight her pregnancy.

Having these personal details allowed me to offer Mount Pisgah as a location. So I planned for their family photos on our walk to a river spot where we would take pregnancy photos. This information also helped me know that she really wanted fun family photos that focused on her son. As well as to avoid directing her family to do maternity focused activities like touch or kiss her belly.

Let’s tell your story

I hope this post provided insight and comfort. To show you that your story is beautiful and deserves to be documented. In learning more about what a personalized family experience looks like, how I plan sessions, and important information to share so we are better able to collaborate on your session has shown you how my storytelling approach to family sessions is authentic to your family.

To learn more, please reach out and let’s start planning your personalized family photography session!

I cannot wait to tell you story!



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Personalized Family Photography | Eugene Oregon Photographer

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