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Eugene, Or Family Photos at Mount Pisgah

Why I love family photos at Mount Pisgah Arboretum

Mount Pisgah Arboretum is one of my favorite locations for family photos, maternity photos, and even outdoor newborn photos. It is a beautifully constructed living tree museum in Eugene, Oregon. I love family photos at Mount Pisgah for it’s scenery, accessibility, and familiarity.

The scenery

  • Beautiful oak, cedar, and fir trees surround the Arboretum. They create a beautiful backdrop year round and really give that Pacific North West feel.
  • Grassy fields with wildflowers that add a pop of color to your images in the Spring and Early Summer
  • Mountain views that create a stunning backdrop or may provide a beautiful view for the adventurous type wanting to hike to the peak
  • River access for water play and fun summer family photos, not to mention beautiful sunset views

The accessibility

  • Easy parking that is close to my preferred location
  • Public restroom access makes Mount Pisgah a great location for outdoor family and maternity sessions
  • The park offers many paved trails, making for an easy walk to and from the shoot locations.
  • With the park offering paved and well maintained trails, Mount Pisgah is also a wonderful location if you or anyone in your family needs handicap accessibility. This is why I also recommend Mount Pisgah as a great location for generational family photos. If you’re interested in checking out a Eugene, Oregon generational family photo session, please check out this post.

The familiarity as your Eugene, Oregon photographer

  • Lighting is a big factor in capturing beautiful images and Mount Pisgah is perfect at various times in the day. I always recommend scheduling your photo session at Golden Hour (about an hour and a half before sunset). But if this is not possible for you and your family, especially in the summer when the sunsets so late, then the park is also lined with beautiful trees that create great shade that helps reduce hash shadows caused by mid-day sun.
  • Whether you’re located in Eugene, Oregon or traveling from Springfield, Salem, Cottage Grove, or even Roseburg, Oregon Mount Pisgah is a great central location for family photos.
  • Since the park is in a great central location, it also makes for an easy meeting spot. This is perfect for anyone unfamiliar to the area and traveling from out of town.

#1 con for choosing Mount Pisgah for your outdoor family photo location

  • Mount Pisgah is a well loved and often populated location – especially for photo sessions. This is both a good and bad thing about this location. The park is gorgeous and offers numerous hiking trails so it’s not wonder it’s a local favorite. But the crowds may create a little awkwardness when having your photos taken. Some family sessions, like the one shared here, may require a little more seclusion and privacy. In which case we walked further along and found a less traveled location where mom could breastfeed her baby.

If you’re interested in learning about a few of my other favorite locations for outdoor family photos in Eugene, Oregon check out this blog.

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Eugene, Or Family Photos at Mount Pisgah

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