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Outdoor family photos in Eugene, OR

Long are the days of dragging your family down to the mall and forcing them to smile awkwardly at the camera for photos. I’m a 90’s kid, so I remember these photo sessions being so uncomfortable. The images of my childhood display that as well. These family photos did not capture our connection or genuine smiles. Which is part of why I am a lifestyle family and newborn photographer. It’s also why I love outdoor family photos so much!

I’m a big believer that family sessions should be fun, comfortable, and full of joy! This outdoor family session in Eugene, Oregon was just that! The kids were encouraged to play and be themselves. This created an experience that allowed everyone to enjoy being together, be silly and laugh. In this post I’ll share my favorite outdoor locations in Eugene, Oregon for family photos. As well as why I offer prompts that create laughter for the best images.

My favorite locations in Eugene, Oregon for outdoor family photos

There’s no denying that Eugene, and all of the Willamette Valley for that matter, has an abundance of beautiful natural spaces. Whether you’re looking for forested greenery, mountain views, grassy meadows, or water fronts, you’re sure to find it in or near Eugene. Here is a list of few of my favorite locations for outdoor family photos in Eugene:

Eugene, Oregon Parks

  • Armitage Park is in North-East Eugene going towards Coburg, Oregon. I love this park because it has a variety of forested, river, and meadow views. This session took place on a short trail leading to the river. It has an open space that was perfect for allowing the kids room to run. Armitage Park also offers spring wildflowers, water access for fun summer sessions, and fall foliage with views of the Coburg Hills. As well as shelter from the rain in the cooler months.
  • Mount Pisgah Arboretum is in South Eugene along the Willamette River. It is not only great for family sessions, but they also offer a wedding venue. I especially love Mount Pisgah for spring and fall family sessions. The grassy fields have beautiful wildflowers and the oak trees offer stunning changing leaves. This is also one of my go-to location for maternity sessions. It’s just a short walk to the museum of oak trees and there’s easy access to public restrooms. Check out this family session at Mount Pisgah Arboretum for more information.
  • Gillespie Butte is a bit of hidden gem in the Cal Young Neighborhood. Is has beautiful oak trees, grassy fields, and lovely views of the city. I also love Gillespie Butte for outdoor family photos all year long. Although it doesn’t offer shelter from the rain or have restrooms, it’s a short walk to the butte. The sunset views here are pretty amazing as well. Check out this Gillespie Butte family session with tips for preparing for photos with toddlers.
  • Fern Ridge Reservoir is the largest lake in the Willamette Valley. It has an abundance of locations between Eugene, Veneta, and Junction City. My favorite spot is Orchard Point Park. I really love this location in the winter months when the lake is drained and the lake shore is extended. This is also a favorite location for sunset sessions. Check out this Fern Ridge motherhood session for examples of both a winter and sunset session.

Want to venture out of Eugene for your outdoor family photos?

Like I mentioned earlier, the Willamette Valley has so many breathtaking natural spaces it’s almost overwhelming to choose a location. If you’re wanting to venture out of Eugene for your family session, a few other favorites are:

Where would you like to take your outdoor family photos?

Reach out via my contact form and let’s start chatting dates and locations for your outdoor family photos in Eugene, Oregon. Or another beautiful outdoor space within the Willamette Valley. I cannot wait to explore this beautiful State with you and your family in front of my lens!

Until then!

– Amanda



Outdoor family photos in Eugene, OR

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