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Gillespie Butte Family Session

Eugene family photographer

Let’s face it, no one wants to feel uncomfortable and stuffy during a family session… or ever for that matter! Getting kids to sit still and smile for a camera can be unnatural. Leading to images that reflect the situation. Believe me, I have a wild little lady who isn’t a big fan of having her picture taken. So, I have an understanding from a personal as a mama and professional level as a Eugene family photographer. Which is why I’ve complied tips for family sessions with toddlers.

Family sessions with me are a fun experience, that is authentic to your family, and captures honest human connection. Oregon is such gorgeous state that offers an abundance of parks and nature spaces. Which this Eugene family session at Gillespie Butte is a total reflection of just that.

Children and babies are probably my favorite to photograph. My goal as a family photographer is to provide an environment that is comfortable and offers children room to be playful. Family sessions with toddlers can be an adventure all their own but my gosh the images mean so much!

Gillespie Butte family session

Gillespie Butte Park is a great location for family sessions in Eugene. The park is lined with beautiful old oak tress and open grassy areas. It also has stunning views of the Coburg Hills and Spencer Butte. I also love family sessions at Gillespie Butte as it’s a quiet neighborhood park that does not have heavy traffic. Which makes it a great spot for toddlers, like this lovely families with two young boys, with a space to explore and play. This creates an experience that you can walk away saying, “wow, that was fun!”

I’m a Eugene family photographer that offers a relaxed photography experience customized to your families personality. To learn more about my family session experience, please visit my details page. You can also find more tips on various family sessions here. No family is the same. So with each family session, I provide a unique approach. In creating a fun memory for your family to hold onto, share and look back on for years to come.

Tips for family sessions with toddles:

  • To prepare your child by talking to them about your upcoming family session throughout the week leading up to it. Tell them you’re meeting your friend at the park to take pictures and play. This can help them look forward to the event.
  • Let them explore within a safe space. We want to keep them close to you, while allowing them to enjoy themselves. In the pictured family session, I offered a few fun prompts to start that allowed the boys to be playful. As well as start to feel comfortable with me. These boys were ready to run pretty quickly. But half of the fun in my job is being able to run along little ones. I love what I do because I get to capture sweet smiles, genuine laughs, and sweet snuggles is such a beautiful and inspiring experience.
  • Bring snacks! Speaking from someone with a toddler who wants to snack almost constantly. Might I add, my husband is the guy who forgets the snacks for our own family session. If you do forget them, do worries! I am typically stocked with fruit snacks and oranges. Snacks can also act as a little motivation to get little ones attention. Especially if they loose all interest in the session.
  • Book your family session at a time of day when your toddler is the happiest. You know your children schedules and comfort zone. I am flexible and here to help make your family session easy.
  • Have fun and love your family! I am here to guide you through prompts. But this is your families experience and these are your memories to share throughout the ages.
  • I have a camera buddy accessory that attaches to my camera. This is a good tool used to grab toddlers attention. I also prompt them to play games with you. As well as for you to do things that will cause them to genuinely giggle.
  • Dress your toddler comfortably and weather appropriate. If you need help planning outfits for your family session, I’m more than happy to help!

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Gillespie Butte Family Session

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  1. Juliana says:

    Love these!

  2. Donna says:

    Love these photos. The backyard looks so amazing with the greenery and with the colors of the leaves. I would definitely recommend Eugene family photography.

  3. Megan Howse says:

    Hi Amanda
    I really love the color blends in each capture And how you really aim to get the kids in their natural elements to have fun and enjoy the picture process. You have a great eye !

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