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Five Reasons to Elope in 2021

Eugene Elopement Photographer

Let’s face it, 2020 has changed us! Gatherings and celebrations are scaling down and that is one-hundred percent okay. There’s a complete old school view that eloping is running off to the courthouse. I can guarantee that there are countless stunning elopement weddings that are stunning, intimate and still an exciting and meaning adventure. As an Eugene elopement photographer, I’m here to share with you five reasons to elope in 2021.

Five Reasons to Elope in 2021

1. Cost

There’s no denying that weddings are EXPENSIVE!! The average wedding in Oregon is around $20,000, which is excluding the honeymoon. As a Eugene elopement photographer, most of the couples I work with opt to elope partially because it is so much more affordable. Almost every aspect of elopements can be more budget friendly, from photography to florals, and venue. Many people don’t have the financial support that was once available for traditional weddings. When thinking long-term about financial realties and goals, breaking traditions and eloping is 10/10 a great way to celebrate your love with class and elegance, but without breaking the bank.

2. Intimate

Fewer people to focus on during your wedding day allows you to interact with each and every person present during your celebration. This creates a level of intimacy that will leave you with connected and lasting memories for the rest of your life. Eloping also provides more flexibility for venue locations. Meaning renting a small studio space or private section of a restaurant for a small reception creates so much flexibility on the time of year and desired vibe of your day. Every Oregon elopement I’ve shoot has created so much emotion and felt by all who are involved.

3. Authentic

Eloping is no longer about courthouse weddings. But has transformed into such an exciting adventure that is personal to you and your spouse. The featured couple provided a really creative urban spin to their elopement. They rented a small studio space, shared a vision for stunning florals with Eden Major, told love stories, danced, and laughed through an energetic connection. I’ve shot numerous elopements in and around Eugene Oregon, this was definitely outside the box of any celebration I’ve been part of.

4. Less Stress

Reason four out of my five reasons to elope in 2021 is total truth! Planning a traditional wedding can be so stressful. Especially when trying to plan it on your own. I know because I was that bride. However, lowering your guest count and eloping also lowers the stress of planning tremendously. There’s so much ease that comes with planning an elopement that most big-wedding brides I’ve worked with envy. Less stress leading up to one of the biggest days of your life, ultimately leads to more peace the day of.

5. True to you

This last reason is a generalization. But it’s a big point I hear from many brides I’ve worked in my Eugene elopement photographer career. The sad truth is that big weddings often become less about the bride and groom and more about everyone else. Elopements add the advantage of keeping your commitment of love to your spouse with the focus on your true love. Which is what makes number five on my five reasons to elope one of the most vital to consider.


Your wedding day is just that, yours! However you decide to honor your love, do it in a way that feels right to you and your partner. Consider your values and big importances and remember that your love is worth celebrating. If you have any questions about my elopement services, please reach out via my contact form. I’d love to hear more about your love story, wedding vision, and be there to capture your forever memories! Also, I hope you enjoy this gallery from such a stunning couple and magical day. Please leave a comment below with any questions or ideas on why eloping is so amazing! I read each and every input and they fill my heart with such joy!



Five Reasons to Elope in 2021

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