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Eugene Oregon Urban Senior Session

Eugene Oregon Urban Senior Session

This Eugene, Oregon urban senior session was much fun! The beautiful and talented young woman requested an artistic vibe and Downtown Eugene was the perfect location to bring that vision to life. There are an abundance of beautiful murals and street art around town that offer that Eugene charm. Also, if your senior is an artistic creative, an urban setting may be a wonderful place to allow them to add their personality to the session.

Authenticity is a really important aspect to my photography. So, it is extra meaningful to collaborate with parents and young adults and turn their unique character into forever memories. After all, these are the photos that will be looked back on for years to come. I’m here to make that experience comfortable and fun in any setting. There are numerous locations in Eugene for an urban senior session. As well as so many opportunities for your senior session to be an even more special and memorable day.

Best places in Eugene Oregon for an urban senior session

Downtown Eugene

I like Downtown Eugene for urban senior sessions because it has so many beautiful and vibrant painted alleyways that provide stunning photography backgrounds. Downtown is also a great place for offering a variety of backdrops all within close walking distance of each other.

There are also so many amazing restaurants and events to check out after your senior session. I’ve listed a few of my favorite below for anyone unfamiliar with the area or just looking to make a day of your urban senior session.

  • Stop by Sizzle Pie for a spice of pizza. It’s a lively place that is suitable for everyone in the family. It is also across the street from Kesey square. A performance that regularly has live music or street performers.
  • Book your senior session on a Saturday morning then stroll the Eugene Saturday Market for handcrafted treasures and delicious local produce after the shoot. Just keep in mind that the market will create a bit more traffic and parking challenges.
  • Crab a coffee or sweet treat at Noisette Pantry Kitchen. This is my go-to spot pretty much anything I’m in Downtown Eugene. It’s also a great place to wait out an unexpected down pour. We are in Oregon after all.

The Whiteaker Neighborhood

Also known as Eugene’s fermentation district. But if you’ve ever lived in the neighborhood it feels really weird calling it that. I love sessions in the Whiteaker Neighborhood because it is a great spot for someone looking for a variety of urban and natural backgrounds. It’s less than a 5 minute drive to the Owen Rose Gardens. Making it possible to do half of the senior session in a park setting, then the other half with that urban and artsy feel the Whiteaker offers.

Plus it’s a super quirky area with some of the best restaurants in town! Like mentioned above, making a day out of your high school or college senior session will add to the memories and make the day extra spacial. Treat your senior and celebrate their big accomplishment! And while you’re in the Whiteaker Neighborhood, be sure to check out there yummy places. The full list could be a whole post, but be sure to leave a comment if that’s something you’re interested in reading.

  • If you’re a taco addict like me, then Tacovore in the Whit is where it’s at. This is a counter-service tacoria with a cute Mex-Tex esthetic. They have really imaginative tacos that suit multiple dietary needs.
  • Pop over to the Sweet Life Bakery and indulge a little in some mouthwatering deserts. If you’re anything like me, the chocolate cake is sure to make any day extra special!
  • In May through September the Whiteaker Community Market lines fourth street with a collection of eclectic artwork. Book your senior session on a Sunday and be sure to stroll the market afterwords.

5th Street Public Market

The 5th Street Public Market is a more modern area of town that is a must-visit destination in Eugene. It is a great place for urban senior sessions because of it’s clean lines and manicured landscaping. I love capturing memories at 5th Street Market and Alley because of the texture the stone buildings and creative focal points in archways. This is a great location for anyone traveling from out of town for their senior session because it offers overnight accommodations at the Inn at 5th or the Gordon Hotel. The 5th Street Public Market also offers numerous small shops and dining that will fill every family members desires.

There are honestly too many amazing food options to list. But my suggestions for really making your senior feel like gold would be to have pamper day at Gervais Salon & Day Spa. They offer hair and makeup services in a relaxing setting that is sure to make your senior feel like a million bucks the day of their senior session.

Why I love Urban Senior Sessions

I’ve provided you with a handful of beautiful setting for urban senior sessions in Eugene with numerous ideas on ways to make your shoot day extra special. The close availability to so many amazing restaurants and events are why I love urban senior sessions. This really is an important milestone in your child’s life and they deserve to celebrate! Especially after so many big changes and having to adjust to new norms in the recent school years. If you’re ready to book your senior session either in an urban or natural setting, please reach out via my contact form. I am here to guide you through a comfortable and relaxed session and make your entire day a special experience!



Eugene Oregon Urban Senior Session

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