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Hello and welcome! I’m Amanda Renee, the face and heart behind Lux Marina Photography. I’m so excited you’re here! I am a lifestyle photographer based in Eugene Oregon and I have a passion for preserving life’s fleeting moments. I offer sessions for life’s most exciting milestones with family, couples, maternity, newborn, elopement, and small wedding photography packages. Documenting magical memories through creative imagery has filled my heart for as long as I can remember. It is an absolute joy helping others savor the little moments.

In high school and my early years of college I studied film and digital photography. But it wasn’t until I became a mama that I learned the true value of photography. Having images from my childhood to share with my daughter took on a whole new meaning and capturing special seasons in her life mean the world to me. I know this means so much not just to me but to family members as well. Family is everything to me, which is what drives my passion for family, maternity, and newborn sessions.

With the digital age constantly shifting, photography has also transformed. Which is why it’s even more important to make the time to document your family’s seasons and do it with a fun and authentic experience.

I’m here to capture significant moments through timeless images.

Preserving life’s fleeting moments

Motherhood is so important to me and the majority of my blog posts are from the heart tales. I find inspiration from capturing true human connection and being present to the moment during family and couples sessions. Honest love stories fill my heart with so much joy. Nothing makes me happier than sharing that joy with other mamas and couples. I love photography for the ability to focus on a glimpse of a moment and turn it into a lifelong memory.

When I’m not serving clients, I am cracking jokes with my husband, exploring nature with my toddler, or snuggling two rambunctious dogs, and a cross-eyed cat. Some of my favorite things are exploring beautiful places, red wine, a good love story, tacos, and home renovation shows. To connect more, follow along with my day-to-day life on instagram and stay updated on seasonal events.

Eugene Family Photographer with a Passion for Connection

After the insanity that was 2020, many of us have learned the true value in connection and the type of togetherness the human heart desires. The importance of slowing down and appreciating our time with those we love most is apparent. Sharing moments with those we love most has become even more of an outlet of closeness. A photograph can mean the world to distanced family and love is still worth celebrating daily.

Photography is our gateway to the past and I feel truly honored to be able to build that bridge with others. I focus on capturing timeless images that embody honest emotion and will live on through your family for generations to come. Lux Marina Photography clients rave about the confidence boost and fun experience they are provided along with the timeless and artfully edited images they cherish throughout the ages.

Beautiful things are coming, and I cannot wait to celebrate so many big adventures with you! I am your heartfelt Eugene Oregon photographer capturing and sharing so much love and joy that become family heirlooms.

Eugene Oregon Family Photographer in action behind the lens view of session at Owen Rose Garden
Behind the lens of Lux Marina Photography

Common Q&A

What do you specialize in?

I specialize in lifestyle portrait photography. My style is documentary and driven by honest connection. Sessions with me capture significant moments in a natural and endearing style.I provide prompts and relaxed posing that aims at capturing the special in-between moments. My heart lies in all things family! Intimate motherhood sessions are my aimed focus. From glowing and growing belly bumps, to squishy newborn rolls, to celebratory milestones that keep life exciting, I’m here for all of it! While family, maternity, and newborn sessions are my absolute favorite, I also offer senior, engagement, and small wedding sessions are well.

How do I book a shoot with Lux Marina Photography?

Glad you asked! Simply go to my contact page and fill out the inquiry form. Then share a little about your family and session ideas to help me get a better understanding of your story. I will typically respond to your inquiry within 24 hours to chat dates, specifics, and proposals. After all that, we do a happy dance because we’re about to have so much fun!

Does the gloom in Eugene Oregon effect the images? What if it rains during our outdoor session?

Surprisingly, overcast skies work to a photographers advantage because it cuts down on competing with harsh light and casted shadows. I learned my skill in the Eugene Oregon rainy skies and am very familiar with adjusting camera settings to accommodate various lighting settings but sessions on overcast days are what I most regularly shoot in. I have a clear umbrella for sessions when the weather is not agreeing at all. Which can be such a cute and fun vibe. But I also offer in your home sessions or can arrange a natural light studio session at The Gray Lab in Corvallis Oregon.

Will the photographs be retouched before I can see proofs?

Yes! I offer full galleries and part and strategically edited the images before you see them. Sneak peeks are provided within 3 days following your session as an opportunity for you to get a preview of the final results.

Do you offer printing services?

Of course! You have the option to order professionally printed images through your delivered gallery site. If you need any help with this I am more than happy to help!

What should we wear for a family photoshoot?

Neutral’s are always a win! Coordinating outfits themed around matted earth tones and solid patters with various textures help add to the timelessness of your photos. While keeping the focus on your beautiful family, of course. I have style guides and am happy to offer suggestion on outfit planning as well.

I’m not located in Eugene Oregon. Do you travel for shoots?

Eugene Oregon is where I call home. But that doesn’t mean it has to yours. Interested in booking a session while visiting? I’m happy to offer recommendations on places to visit and things to do in town. I also love traveling for adventurous family sessions or wedding days. I do not charge a travel fee to any session within 3 hours of Eugene Oregon. Please reach out directly if you have specific travel questions.

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Eugene Oregon Photographer

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  1. Megan Howse says:

    Hi Amanda thank you so much for sharing your passions behind the camera and your life story. I have a question that i would love to ask.
    Do you have any tips to give to those who are camera shy or a few tricks to help make someone feel more comfortable in that capturing moment. Thank you so much for your time.

    • Amanda Jones says:

      That’s a really great question Megan. I think a really important part in feeling comfortable during a session is to work with a photographer you can connect with personally. I am really personable with clients, I share stories about my own experiences, and try to get to know them before the session. I like to learn everyones names and some interests to help us break the ice and chat during the session. I really aim for my clients to feel like they are hanging out with a friend during our session and want them to walk away with a fun experience to look back on when they receive their gallery. I’m someone who feels pretty uncomfortable in front of the camera so I totally understand being camera shy and try to use that as a way of connection so I reinsure clients that they are doing amazing and look so beautiful throughout the session, which I’ve been told can be a big confidence boost!

      • Megan Howse says:

        Thank you so much for your response and the pointers. Look forward to working with you

  2. Nick Reiling says:

    You do an amazing job and I am incredibly proud of you!

  3. Vicki Reiling says:

    Beautifully captured pictures!! Love love love!!!

  4. Larry Reiling says:

    Awesome photos. Great job.

  5. Sheila OTool says:

    Love seeing all of your amazing talent

  6. Debbie Jones says:

    You are an amazing photographer! Thank you for share your love for it. I love how you capture the beauty and essence in your photos. Such beautiful pictures!

  7. Ian says:

    When passion meets pictures! This young lady loves what she does and it shows through her work. Can’t wait to schedule something soon.

  8. Michael Howse says:

    I’m super proud of you Panda! You keep on moving to your own rhythm and let your heart guide you while you’re dancing free and happy on your exciting journey! I will always be sending you lots of love and positive vibes! Stay focused Sister! I love you!❤️

  9. Chris Wilson says:

    It was a pleasure working with you. You really know how to capture everyone’s unique beauty with your picture taking skills. You also make things fun and comfortable especially for those who are camera shy! Thank you again for the wonderful experience.

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