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What is a Fresh 48 Session?

Have you heard the term Fresh 48 session and wondered what it is

A Fresh 48 session may seem self explanatory to some. But others may be wondering, what is a Fresh 48 session? A Fresh 48 session is a photo session that takes place within the first 48-72 hours after a baby is born. Typically taking in a hospital or birthing center. Which is why you may also hear a Fresh 48 session referred to as a “birth place session”. The purpose of a Fresh 48 session is to capture those precious and fleeting moments of a newborn’s earliest hours. Captured in a natural and candid way.

The Difference Between a Fresh 48 Session and a Newborn Session

Unlike my typical in-home lifestyle newborn sessions, Fresh 48 sessions aim to document the baby’s first interactions with parents, siblings, and other family members. These sessions are a short 30-60 minutes, intimate, and focus the initial moments of bonding. Allowing you to hold onto such an invaluable time in your families life.

A Fresh 48 session focuses on the baby’s tiny features, expressions, and the emotions of the family in a documentary approach. I may use natural light of a big window if the space allows. Or I may use an external flash that I will bounce light off the ceiling. I aim to create a more authentic and raw representation of the early moments with the newborn. But lighting is always a big factor in creating the best quality images for you.

The name “Fresh 48” comes from the idea of capturing the baby within the first 48 hours of life. While they are still in the hospital or birthing center environment. It provides a way for families to have professional photographs that memorialize the earliest moments of their newborn’s life.

Who are Fresh 48 sessions for?

Fresh 48 sessions are typically for families who want to capture the raw and intimate moments of the first 48 hours after a baby’s birth. These sessions are suitable for a variety of situations and individuals, including:

New Parents:

Fresh 48 sessions are great for first-time parents or those adding a new member to their family. It allows you more vividly remember the initial moments of bonding with your newborn.

Families with Multiple Children:

For families with older siblings, Fresh 48 sessions provide an opportunity to capture the reactions and interactions between siblings and the new baby. It helps in creating a complete family story. It’s also a beautiful testament if you’re planning for this to be your last baby.

Those Wanting Natural and Candid Moments:

If you prefer a more candid and natural photography style over posed newborn shots, a Fresh 48 session is a great choice. It captures genuine emotions and connections in a documentary-style approach.

Parents Who Want to Preserve Memories:

If you appreciate having professional photographs to preserve the memories of your baby’s first hours. These sessions offer a way to capture the tiny details, expressions, and firsts. As well as the overall atmosphere in a hospital or birthing center.

Parents Who Have an Interest in Birth Photography:

Do you find birth photography incredibly powerful for remembering the details of bringing your new baby Earth-side? But don’t really want the labor and delivery documented, Fresh 48 sessions are a wonderful alternative. A Fresh 48 session will allow you to preserve the initial firsts, while opting out of feeling extra vulnerable during delivery. Or if you really wanted your birth photographed, but need to have a planned cesarean, a Fresh 48 session is a beautiful compromise.

Ultimately, Fresh 48 sessions are for anyone who values the unique and fleeting moments that occur in the first two days after a baby is born. As well as anyone that wants to document these moments in a special and authentic way.

How do I book a session?

To book your Fresh 48 session, simply reach out by filling out my contact form. Tell me baby’s estimated due date and where you are delivering. My session pricing includes home deliveries within Eugene and Springfield. As well as hospitals Peace Health Scared Heart Medical Center or McKenzie Willamette Medical Center. Or birthing centers Oregon Birth and Wellness Center or Our Community Birth Center. If you are delivering outside of the Eugene/Springfield area, still reach out as I do photograph elsewhere with an added travel fee.

Like with newborn sessions, I will use babies due date as a tentative session date. Since birth is unpredictable, I request that my Fresh 48 clients sent me a text when labor has started. This allows me to make preparations within my personal life. As well as to be aware that I’ll be meeting you and your family in the next couple of days.

Let’s get your session booked!

Whether you choose a Fresh 48 or a newborn session, I’m so excited to collaborate with you on documenting this invaluable time in your family’s life. These sessions are always so meaningful and tender. I just love them and feel so honored every time a family chooses to invite me into this sentimental space.

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I cannot wait to get to know more about you and your family and help you plan for your upcoming session!


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What is a Fresh 48 Session?

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