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Top Locations for Spring Photo Sessions near Eugene, Oregon

As the emerald hues of Eugene, Oregon awaken from winter’s slumber, spring emerges as a blooming canvas for capturing cherished family memories. The city parks come alive with vibrant blooms, lush greenery, and a renewed sense of vitality. Providing us with stunning backdrops for your spring photo session. From the enchanting rhododendron gardens to the awe inspiring trails of Mount Pisgah, Eugene’s springtime scenery invites you to embrace the warmth, joy, and togetherness of your family’s unique story. But if you’re wondering where your family session should take place, keep reading. In this post I’m sharing my top 5 locations for spring photo sessions near Eugene, Oregon.

Top 5 springtime photo session locations in Eugene:

Hendricks Park Rhododendron Garden: Is Eugene’s oldest park. It feels like spring comes earlier here than anywhere else in town because the flowers start blooming so early. This local treasure feels as if you’ve entered a majestic garden without having to leave town.

Wild Iris Trail: This location is slightly unconventional. As there aren’t any restrooms and the trail I direct clients to is tucked in a neighborhood. However, the wild irises, open meadows, and stunning views of the valley make it a top contender for spring photo session locations in Eugene. Plus, we won’t need to walk far before becoming entranced by the picturesque surroundings.

Mount Pisgah: This 209-acre nature preserve is a local gem. It’s a personal favorite of mine for family photo sessions all year. But it is exceptionally beautiful in spring. When the wildflowers show off glorious colors in lush open meadows surrounded by old oaks and stunning mountainous backdrops.

Alton Baker: Is the largest city park in Eugene and offers various backdrops. But my favorite is in springtime when the cherry blossoms near the Science Center are in peak bloom. These delicate pink pedals that coat the trees and line the walking path are sure to make your heart scream with spring joy.

Armitage Park: At first glance, Armitage Park doesn’t really look like a photo session worthy location. But in springtime, this location is a gem! Lush green meadows, wildflowers and amazing golden hour lighting make this location a beautiful spring photo session location option.

All of these locations are available for my Basic Package for local Eugene, park settings. For more package and pricing information, checkout my investment page.

Photo session locations for spring near Springfield, Oregon:

Horse Rock Ridge: Located about 45 minutes East of Eugene in Shotgun Creek, this is a short hike with big rewards. In the form of wildflower meadows and views of the nearby volcanic peaks. After just under a mile, you emerge from the dense forest onto the first of a series of south facing, meadow slopes. This is first opening is where my sessions take place and it is my favorite mountain location close to Eugene.

Dorris Ranch: Is a lovely park in Springfield that has acres of hazelnut orchards, mountain backdrops, and forested trails. It is also a good location for early spring when the weather is unpredictable. As it offers a few covered structures that are still fun and visually appealing.

Magnolia Arboretum: This park is in Thurston with a paved trail that is handicap assessable. It offers easy access to stunning magnolia trees. Peak bloom is late March – early April.

Clearwater park: With access to Middle Fork Trail, this paved path along the Willamette River offers close-up views of wildlife and wildflowers. Along with a new perspective on Mount Pisgah in the distance to the south.

Walterville Pond Loop: Is technically in Walterville, just a few miles east of Springfield, but close enough to rope it into this section. I love this flat looped trail for families with little toddlers. Who want mountainous views, trickled in with wildflowers and the option to have some fun wildlife sightings. But who don’t want to go on much of an adventure.

Top locations for spring photo sessions outside Eugene, Oregon:

Spring photo session locations near Corvallis, Oregon

Mary’s Peak: Don’t let the website description full you on this one! There are incredible views just a short walk from the parking lot at the day use site. Mary’s Peak is in Corvallis, Oregon and the highest point on Oregon’s coast range. It is an absolute show stopper when it comes to views and late spring wildflowers. Since this location is at a higher elevation, I recommend this location for May and June spring family sessions, in order to avoid any late season snow.

Fitton Green Natural Area: Located west of Corvallis, this stunning location offers lush mixed riparian forests, oak woodlands and savannas, and moss-draped maple groves, with old forest remnants, conifer stands, young plantations, and open meadows of upland prairie. It is a good substitute for amazing views if Mary’s Peak is still too chilly.

Finely Wildlife Refuge: Offers diverse wildlife and picturesque vistas, creating a wide variety of photo session settings. Such as an oak savanna, wetland prairie, mixed forest, riparian , upland prairie and both permanent and seasonal wetlands. This location is romantic and dreamy.

Alsea Falls/Green Peak Falls: This location allows you to choose how adventurous you’re feeling. With Alsea Falls being literal steps from the parking lot, without limiting the views, you can admire the beauty without much of a hike. Or we can continue on the 4 mile loop to Green Peak Falls and turn your photo session into an admissive adventure. Full of rich green forested areas, lined with wildflowers, and admire your family’s love as we’re rewarded with the breathtaking backdrop of the falls.

Salem, Oregon locations for spring family photos

Adelman Peony Garden: This vibrant garden is located in Salem, Oregon and open to the public everyday May 1st-June 15th. Making it a beautiful location for late spring photo session with 30 acres of peony fields.

Oregon State Capital: The cherry blossoms that line the Oregon State Capital building in Salem are among the top spots to see cherry blossoms in the world! They are typically in peak bloom in late March into early April, making this location not only a must visit but also a top location choice for your springtime photo session.

Mento-Brown Island Park: Is the largest park in Salem, Oregon and spans over 1,200 acres of lush, open meadows speckled with wildflowers and wooden areas. It is also very dog friendly, so it’s a location I recommend when your fur babies are joining in on your photo session.

Schreiner’s Iris Garden: In early May each year, 10-acres of display gardens and expansive iris fields are open to the public for about 3 weeks. Making this a short-lived but worthwhile photo session location that is such to make your heart bloom.

Bush’s Pasture Park: Offers beautiful groves of Oregon White Oaks and stunning fields of camas flowers. Located in the heart of Salem, this location is easy to get to ad offers some coverage with a lovely little greenhouse, just incase April showers decide to play during your spring photo session.

Creating a little more adventure? Consider these locations for spring photo sessions outside of Eugene, Oregon:

Silver Falls State Park: Called the “crown jewel” of Oregon state parks, with the trail of ten falls. This location is a dream from late spring throughout summer. The trail passes a series of breathtaking waterfalls along a rocky canyon, and descends to a winding creek at the forest floor and is sure to create timeless works of art for your walls as you look back on spectacular memories with your family.

Yachats, Oregon: There are two things I love most about Oregon, they are springtime and the coast. Put them together and it’s like a euphoric masterpiece of picturesque views that are sure to highlight your family’s connection and joy. Yachats has many location options from rocky shorelines, to cliffy forests, and mountain views at Cape Perpetua.

Darlington State Natural Site: Located near Florence, Oregon this 18-acre botanical park provides parking and a boardwalk trail out into a fen that is home to Darlingtonia californica. The beautiful scenery includes a lush assortment of vegetation that includes rhododendron, spruce, cedar and shore pine. Making it a unique and one-of-a-kind location choice for spring family photo sessions.

Tire Mountain: This location is for the adventure lovers who aren’t afraid of a little workout to get to the best views! It climbs through numerous switchbacks, crosses many small streams on log bridges and passes through old growth tree stands. It may be soggy in the spring, but typically drys out in May as the wildflowers start to bloom.

Interested in learning more about spring family photos in Eugene, Oregon and surrounding areas?

There is no doubt that the Willamette Valley is in no shortage of amazing locations for spring photo sessions. I could keep going on and on, listing breathtaking spots. But each session is individual to the client and their family.

So when choosing your session location, please consider:

  • The type of setting you prefer
  • Epic views that will transform your family photos into beautiful works of art
  • Your will for adventure
  • Colors that fit your home decor

Fill out my contact form to get on my calendar. And let’s start planning your fun and adventurous spring photo session at one of these amazing locations. Check out this post on What to Wear for Spring Family Photos for even more spring photo session insight.

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Top Locations for Spring Photo Sessions near Eugene, Oregon

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