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Five Things I Won’t do as Your Eugene Oregon Newborn Photographer

As a Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer I provide my clients with tons of information on how to prepare and what to expect during your newborn session. Check out these posts But I’d also like to share five things I won’t do during our time together.

  1. Require your baby to be asleep during your session. I will prep you on how to keep baby happy and obviously, a cuddly sleepy newborn is always welcome. But if your little one is wide-eyes and taking in the world around them, that’s great too!
  2. For your baby to leave your arms if they (or you) don’t want to. I’m an attachment parent and I know how important those early days of bonding are. Which is why I take this approach as a newborn photographer. I can still get individual and detail shots of your baby in your arms.
  3. Unnatural posing. I prioritize authentic moments over posed shots, steering away from forced or unnatural poses. This approach captures the real essence of your baby, preserving memories that resonate with the uniqueness of your family. 
  4. Impose a strict schedule. I understand that babies have their own rhythms. I do not adhere to a strict schedule. This allows flexibility for feeding, napping, and any other needs your baby may have during the session. 
  5. Compromise safety. Your baby’s safety is my top priority. I do not take risks or compromise safety measures to achieve a particular shot. 

Bonus thing I won’t do as your Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer

One more thing I do not do is solely focus on is just achieving a certain look. I’m here to capture real life, not just a curated feed. When booking your newborn photoshoot with me, I don’t want you to only think about how you want your images to look. I want you to also consider how you want them to make you feel.

I personally fell in love with lifestyle newborn photography because of the emotions behind it. As a mom who experienced postpartum anxiety after both my children were born, and as a NICU mama with my second child, I understand the hard and the happy moments that occur during life with newborn.

This is a really vulnerable time. But it’s also a time of intense love where you’re not only meeting your new baby, but also a new version of yourself. There is something so poetic about that.

My goal is for your newborn session to feel cozy and comfortable while also highlighting the extraordinary attachment between you and your baby. I want you to feel a sense of serenity and tenderness as we freeze time to provide a portal into your everyday life during this fleeting phase. These are images you will look back on for generations to come.

To keep up with regular tips and mini gallery clips, follow me on Instagram @luxmarinaphotography. For more information on how to prepare for your newborn session, check out this post.

FAQ for newborn sessions

When is the best time to schedule newborn photos?

I recommend booking your newborn session while you are still pregnant. This gives you time to get to know and become comfortable with me. As well as allows us to plan your session without feeling rushed to plan outfits of cram you into my calendar. We will use babies estimated due date as a tentative session date. Then once your baby decides to arrive, you will get in touch with me to schedule your newborn session date ideally 7-14 days after delivery.

What should we wear for newborn photos?

Once you’ve booked your newborn session, I will send you a detailed styling guide with helpful styling tips. You will also have access to personalized wardrobe and styling assistance through my virtual styling program called Style and Select and 1:1 help from me. I also have a blog post with my Top Styling Tips for Lifestyle Newborn sessions here.

Where do newborn sessions take place?

About 90% of newborn sessions with my take place in the clients home. This takes out the hassle of you having to pack everything and load your new baby into the car by allowing me to come to you.

Do you offer other locations besides in home newborn sessions?

Totally! Depending on the season and weather we may be able to move your newborn session outdoors. Or I also offer studio rental options for certain packages. Click here to find out more package and pricing information.

How do I book a newborn session with Lux Marina Photography?

I’m so glad you asked! Fill out my contact form to ask me any questions and we start planning your newborn session!

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Five Things I Won’t do as Your Eugene Oregon Newborn Photographer

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