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Lifestyle Newborn Session Eugene Oregon

This lifestyle newborn session in Eugene, Oregon was full of so many magical moments. As a Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer, I aim to make your photo experience as easy and seamless as possible. Which is why I highly recommend in home, lifestyle newborn sessions like this. They create a relaxed environment that adds an even greater level of significance to your images. Your home is your families safe space, after all. It is the place where you feel most comfortable and can create an added sense of peace during your session. This is especially true for anyone who may be camera shy or healing from a difficult delivery. To learn more about in home newborn sessions, check out this Eugene Oregon In Home Newborn Session post.

In this post, I will focus on my lifestyle approach to newborn sessions. I believe these sessions are authentic, raw, and tell your family’s purest love story. While studio sessions are artful and capture the perfect light and pose, lifestyle sessions are all about telling your story. While also leaving you with images that will bring you back to those newborn feels for years to come.

Why choose lifestyle focused newborn session?

Lifestyle newborn sessions have a true-to-life feel with an emphasis on organic connection. They focus on your families natural bond, are lightly posed, and will leave you with images create a gateway to the past as your babies grow. Time is fleeting, and the newborn phase is like watching time pass before your very eyes. This is why it is so important to document these moments in a way that is authentic to you.

From the time you reach out about a session my goal is to create a personal connection that allows you to feel comfortable with me. Building this connection is an important part of my art in lifestyle newborn photography. It allows me to better serve you by capturing the emotive love your family has for each other as well as your new baby.

My philosophy on Eugene Oregon lifestyle newborn sessions:

My passion for lifestyle newborn sessions in Eugene, Oregon is based around knowing firsthand how hard, yet magical the fourth trimester can be. I truly believe that with the birth of a new child is also the birth of a new women. Which is why my goal is to make your photography experience as easy and comfortable as possible.

This is a time of immense strength and the purest beauty of female empowerment. With a lifestyle approach to your newborn session, I offer a unique experience that preserves the intimate bond between mother and child. I also work hard to provide you with the gentleness and respect that allows you to remain connected to your Devine feminine and baby. Preparing for a Eugene, Oregon lifestyle newborn session is casual yet intimate and very relaxed.

Preparing for a lifestyle newborn session:

  • For in your home lifestyle newborn sessions, do not worry about your home being clean. I’m a parent and I completely understand that the newborn phase is very tiring! Please, do not feel pressured to clean. My focus is on you and your family and I will place very little emphasis on your home.
  • Lifestyle newborn sessions are all about loving your precious baby and embracing all the snuggles. I want you to be comfortable and relaxed.
  • Keep baby fed and happy! If you are bottle feeding, have a bottle prepared and close by just in case baby needs it. If you are breastfeeding, this is a magical opportunity for us to get nursing images for you to look back on.
  • Avoid putting lotions and oils on your baby the day of your newborn session. I know a fresh newborn can be a little flakey as their delicate skin adjusts to life outside the womb. However, it is so much easier for me to edit a few dry patches rather than try to smooth over oily, uneven skin.
  • Have a pacifier handy if your baby uses one. It can be used as a quick tool to sooth baby. If you don’t use a pacifier, not problem at all! There are numerous other ways to sooth a baby.

How should I dress my baby?

I’m a big believer of keeping outfits neutral and classic. No one wants to look back at images and think, “oh gosh what was I thinking wearing that” or even worse “what was my mom thinking dressing me in that”. This is also true for your Eugene, Oregon lifestyle newborn session, it’s tempting to want to dress them up but we never want to take away the focus of the session with loud outfits.

  • Swaddle blankets are the best for newborn sessions. The help sooth baby and photograph beautiful. I’m a big advocate for sustainably made products and the heirloom quality Max & Moose swaddles are sure to meet all your swaddle needs!
  • Cozy sleepers or solid onesies are winners as well. Don’t over think it! A solid white onesie is always a classic. I’m completely in love with Solly Baby’s sleep gowns.
  • Sentimental items like a hand knitted blanket from grandma or an outfit passed down from an older sibling are also beautiful items that will create an added level of meaning to your images.
  • I typically advise against matching, but newborn sessions are the exception. This beautiful mama and her precious mini in their matching Caroline swaddle and robe set from Kins and Kay are so adorable and personalized to them!

What should my family and I wear for our newborn session?

This time is all about resting and settling in with your baby, please keep things comfortable and practical for this stage. A loose, flowy dress or leggings and a nursing friendly blouse are perfect options for you. Put hubby in some nice khakis and solid color button down or T-shirt that coordinates well with you. If any other children will be present, add in a little texture through a nice stripe or flannel pattern and you’ll all look fabulous.

As someone who knows how stressful outfit planning can be for family photos, I’m always happy to offer assistance. I also have this style guide with lots of tips and ideas to make your outfit coordinating seamless and am always here to answer your questions.

Ready to book your lifestyle newborn session?

Whether you’re in Eugene, Oregon or a surrounding town, I am here to serve you! Newborn sessions have my heart and I cannot wait to capture this special time for your growing family. Reach out via my contact form and let’s capture your significant moments!

I’m so excited to work with you and meet your new bundle of joy!





Lifestyle Newborn Session Eugene Oregon

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