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Eugene Oregon Photographer | Style Guide

Tips on what to wear from your Eugene Oregon Photographer:

Knowing what to wear to your family photos can be a huge dilemma. As your Eugene, Oregon photographer, I’m here to elevate the outfit coordinating stress. In this style guide you will find helpful tips and recommendations to leave you with timeless photos that you will love for years to come.

  1. Keep it classic. I’m a big fan of neutral and Earthy tones because they are simple to coordinate and look good on everyone. Ditch the extremely trendy pieces, anything you do not feel comfortable in, and overly “loud” outfits.
  2. Coordinate, don’t copy. Identically matching outfits are rarely fashionable. Coordinating outfits with two or three color tones that look good on everyone is much more flattering. Once you’ve decided on a color scheme, work them into each outfit in varying degrees. A few examples of lovely color combinations are: 1. Blue-Sage-Rust-Cream 2. Blush-Olive-Warm Gray 3. Navy-Yellow-Khaki-White 4. Brown-Tan-Wine-Denim 5. Blue-Neutral-Kahki
  3. Add interest and personality through texture. Whether it’s a knit sweater, a tulle skirt, or a denim jacket paired with a lace dress, varying textures adds dimension and visual interest. If you choose to incorporate a stripe or plaid, it’s most effective when used in small doses. It is best to avoid wavy designs and really tiny patterns, these are distracting to the eye and often unflattering for elongating figures.
  4. Shine your shoes. Nothing ruins a great photo like a beat-up pair of shoes. Bust out your families best footwear for the occasion, or go with well-groomed bare feet. Keep in mind that footwear should be age-appropriate and practical. If you know you’ll be chasing your toddler around a grassy field, heels may not be ideal.
  5. Groom the guys. Some men are reluctant to switch up their style for family photos, so it’s important to allow him to still feel like himself.
  6. Keep it natural. If you’re someone who likes to get your hair and makeup professionally done for photos, that is so fun! But remember to keep it natural so you do not become unrecognizable. While makeup is recommended to be slightly bolder than your everyday look, stay away from harsh or very dark makeup choices that may cause a distraction or a sunken in look. Also please remember that children should look like children.

Style Guide – Do’s & Don’ts

As a Eugene, Oregon Photographer, I’ve seen a wide variety of fashion choices. Which have caused me to learn a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to outfit options for family, maternity, and newborn photos.

Do’s – These are simple fashion rules that can help elevate your style:

Yes to timeless and classic. This includes simple dresses, button-downs, baby rompers, pea coats, khakis, V-necks, cardigans, ballet flats, brown knee-high boots, scarves, blazers, and fedoras. Trendy items are ok, but keep them as minimal accent pieces. And if possible, keep them timeless, too — like wrap dresses, Earthy tones, or patterned clothing. If you have a child who is totally into the trends of the year, try to steer them into choosing a trendy accessory, like a headband, scarf, or hat, so you can remove it at some point in the session and get a few classic pics, too.

Yes to mixing it up with different patterns — checks, plaids, stripes are all okay but keep them on a smaller scale if you are trying to style a group. You can play with the large- scaled patterns if you are trying to make
a funky, loud, and colorful portrait of an individual.

Yes to keeping it real. I have rarely gone out and bought something special for a shoot and I tell my clients they don’t need to either. I can guarantee you that there is already something in your client’s closet that will work perfectly. Keeping it comfy is key, too. Anything stiff and too formal will translate in the picture, especially for kids. Keep the dresses and boys’ clothes in soft cottons or flannels. They’ll be more relaxed, and these materials photograph better, too.

Don’ts – Unfortunately these no-no’s can really break a picture:

No logo wording on clothing. No “Gap,” “Old Navy,” or “Polo” splashed in huge letters across a shirt. Sorry, but this is never OK. It can truly ruin a photograph. Your eye will go straight to those words, therefore deeming them the most important part of the picture!

No to little newborn babies in starchy, frilly, or detailed outfits. And no jeans! Babies don’t wear jeans. These outfits make baby drown in the material and they can easily get lost in the photo. Keep babies in simple onesies or soft cotton rompers. Also, make sure that all of baby’s clothes fit perfectly. It’s often a good idea to size down in their onesie if they have just grown into that next size because usually that new size is still too big on them.

No to matchy- matchy. Just no. A group of people all in the exact same outfit is boring, strange, and very 1995. Right?

Styling your family

Having family photos taken is so exciting but it can also be daunting to pull together outfits for the entire family. Where do you start? As your Eugene, Oregon photographer, I’m here to act as your personal styling assistant. I know what looks good on camera, and am here to act as a guide as you pull together outfits. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

You can also find more session specific recommendations throughout my blog tap. Also check out my curated Pinterest style board for even more inspiration.

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Eugene Oregon Photographer | Style Guide

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