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Eugene Oregon Motherhood Photos

Intimate motherhood photos like these speak to my heart for numerous reasons. The main reason being that they honor the courageousness, warmth, and truest essence of love in motherhood. It’s true that time is a thief and children grow so quickly, which makes these moments so important to document. As a Eugene, Oregon family photographer, capturing the journey of motherhood in a way that gives you a forever glimpse into the moments you never want to forget is one of my greatest honors.

My unique approach to motherhood sessions

The art of capturing raw motherhood begins with us building a personal connection. Once you inquire about a session, I take the time to get to know you in a way that allows you to feel more comfortable with me. I will ask you questions that help me understand what matters most to you in regards to family life. One of my philosophies is that one day all our children will have left of us are photographs and it is so important for you to be in them. Motherhood photos are the perfect answer to gifting your children with these forever memories. Especially since moms are typically being the one taking the photos. It’s time to celebrate your dedication as a mother in a way that is authentic to you.

Motherhood photos location choosing

When preparing for your motherhood photos, knowing what makes you and your children comfortable plays an important role in choosing your session location. I offer motherhood sessions both in your home and outdoors.

  • In your home: Mothers and children often feel most comfortable to be themselves in their own home. This is why in home sessions can facilitate the most authentic documentation of your lives. Children can run and play with their toys. Or read their favorite book and snuggle mom in bed. If you have a concern with how your home looks or lighting not being ideal throughout, all we really need in a window. I will place more emphasis on your bond with your children than on what your home looks like. As well as use those little pockets of light to reveal details and create dreamy shadows.
  • Outdoors: While in home motherhood sessions have the ability to document your authentic daily life, choosing an outdoor location captures the playfulness and fun of an adventure with your littles. Outdoor motherhood photos allow your children to explore new things, snuggle up on a blanket, or splash around in water. Eugene, Oregon has a bountiful amount of stunning parks and rivers. Leaving us with the advantage of not needing to travel far for beautiful locations.

What to wear for your motherhood photos

Selecting the perfect outfits for pictures can be so stressful. That is why I’m here to help you with outfit assistance prior to your session. Documenting this season of motherhood is all about the bond between you and your children. I always suggest avoiding outfits that are too loud because it can take the focus away from what matter most. Keep it simple, comfortable, and practical! Neutral tones and bare baby bottoms are timelessly perfect for motherhood photos. I also have a style guide blog and a Pinterest style board if you’d like to check those out.

Intimate motherhood

Motherhood sessions are meant to be authentic, emotive, and relaxed. They honor the endless light of motherhood. One that continues to shine no matter the season. When you look back on these images years from now and see yourself kissing your baby, you are going to remember the way he smelled. The way your baby would clasp onto your breast as she nursed. The fascination your toddler found in picking flowerings. The goddess you will always be for bringing the most beautiful humans into this world. I’m here to make you feel beautiful and make you laugh. All you need to do is love on your babies and be yourself. Don’t be afraid to be silly and let loose. Motherhood is often messy, children aren’t always happy, that’s okay!

Intimate motherhood sessions do not mean you have to included nudity or even breastfeeding. In fact you can be fully clothed and not feeding at all. You make the rules and it all results back to what you and your children are comfortable with. Some women feel more comfortable embracing their bodies and normalizing the empowerment of a mother’s body. If that is outside your comfort level, that’s okay! Let’s discuss your limits and focus on the strength mothers endure in a way that is true to you. Learn more about motherhood session details and pricing or reach out directly. I cannot wait to celebrate your motherhood journey and preserve these forever memories with you!





Eugene Oregon Motherhood Photos

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