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Salem Oregon Maternity Photos

This Salem Oregon maternity session captured some of the most heart melting maternity photos ever! Seriously, this family was a complete joy and made my job as a maternity photographer so fun. I have a huge passion for motherhood and the transitional beauty of pregnancy. Which is why I am such a huge advocate for maternity photos.

Why should you have maternity photos taken?

Pregnancy is an exciting, exhausting, and magnificent journey wrapped into a very short (and sometimes seemingly long) nine months. But when you’re facing ongoing fatigue, body aches, reduced bladder capacity, and heightened emotions having photos taken may feel like a huge drag. I’m 5 months pregnant at the time of writing this, so believe me when I say, I get it!

Regardless of the struggles that arise with growing a human, capturing this sacred time is incredibly meaningful. The photographs we create will undoubtedly be cherished more than any family heirloom. This is where your babies story begins. Maternity photos are a beautiful way to capture their story and preserve it to be shared throughout the ages. I have my daughters maternity photos hung on our walls. She loves when I tell her “that’s you in mommies belly” every time we walk past them.

Maternity session tips

  • The ideal time to schedule your maternity session is between 30-36 weeks along in your pregnancy. This allows us to document your beautiful bump and also keeps the risk of you going into labor relatively low. The mama pictured here scheduled her maternity session before 30 weeks because she had a history of early labor. So there is of course always flexibility within this range.
  • An easily accessible location with bathroom access is our friend. Although I am a Eugene, Oregon based photographer, I regularly travel to various cities around the Willamette Valley for sessions. Salem, Oregon maternity photos are very common. As well as along the Oregon Coast, Roseburg, Oregon, and in the Cascades. I have an entire list of local parks, beaches, and waterfalls that are gorgeous and easy to get to. I am happy to share these and am always up for your ideas as well. In home maternity sessions are also incredibly intimate and meaningful. We just need a big window to capture your beautiful baby curves.
  • Golden hour or sunset sessions are a dream that will only enhance your pregnancy glow. If you’re able to book during this time and the weather agrees with us, I highly encourage it.
  • Plan 2-3 outfit changes to add more variety to your session. This is easier for first time mama maternity photos and we aren’t making an adventure out of your session.

What to wear for your maternity photos?

Maternity styling:

  • Maxi dresses
  • Dresses that have a high waistline or slit
  • Fabrics with lots of texture, like lace or sheer fabric
  • Long flown skirts with a crop top or bandeau bra
  • Cozy, knit pieces
  • Keeping colors neutral make for timeless images. However, adding bolder colors complements strong personalities and makes a statement – as seen with the beautiful mama pictured here.

A few of my favorite places to find maternity dresses are:

  • Nothing Fits But – dresses are timeless, comfortable, and versatile. They photography beautifully, and can be worn throughout pregnancy and postpartum.
  • Pink Blush Maternity – offers a large variety of maternity gowns. You are sure to find plenty of options to fit your style and make you feel absolutely radiant.
  • Etsy – search through tons of small shops offering a wide variety of maternity dress styles. You will also be able to find some dress rental options.

Au Natural:

The better question here may be, to dress or not to dress. For maternity sessions, nude and raw images can be a stunning way to enhance the shape of your pregnant belly. As well as to show you in your most natural form. But this is entirely dependent on your comfort level.

Pregnancy is a brave and honorable journey that truly showcases the strength of being a woman. If you’re someone willing to document that, I am all about making you feel comfortable and safe. I’m here to meet you where you are. Provide you will a relaxed photography experience. As well as provide you with heartwarming images that you will love throughout the ages. Please check out this post with Eugene Oregon Motherhood Photos to learn more about my philosophy on intimate motherhood sessions.

How to book Salem Oregon maternity photos?

Yay! You’re ready to book your maternity session! Whether you’re located in Salem, Eugene/Springfield, Roseburg or along the central Oregon Coast, I am happy to serve to. I cannot wait to hear from you! You will find investment information and session details here. Or simply fill out my contact form and we can start discussing the vision for maternity photos. This transitional time really does go by in a flash. Hold onto this time by honoring the strength of your body and capturing memories that last a lifetime.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.





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