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What to Wear for a Fresh 48 Session?

Yay! You’ve just booked a Fresh 48 session. First off, congratulations! I’m so excited to document this beautiful time in your family’s life. But if you’re anything like me, or the many other moms I work with, you may be wondering what to wear for your Fresh 48 session. This is a very common question I receive since these sessions are unlike any other. They are very intimate, un-styled, and take more of a documentary approach.

But feeling good in your clothing choices always helps lift our spirits a bit. Especially after the exhausting experience of giving birth. So, I’ve put together a few useful tips to help you feel prepared and beautiful for your upcoming Fresh 48 session. As well as a few outfit inspiration ideas for visual examples on coordinating outfits.

Consider these tips when planning what to wear for your Fresh 48 session:

Choosing the right clothing for a Fresh 48 session involves considering comfort, simplicity, and coordination. Here are some tips on what to wear for a Fresh 48 session:

Comfort is Key:

You just gave birth. The last thing you want to do is put on jeans or something that makes you feel constricted. This is why my number one tip is to choose clothing that you feel comfortable in. Opt for loose, breathable fabrics like cotton or bamboo. That allow for movement and are comfortable for both sitting and standing.

Neutral Colors:

I always recommend light neutral tones such as whites, creams, light grays and soft pastels for a Fresh 48 session. These colors are timeless and create a calm and cohesive look. They also help to attract light to your family and baby. Which will ultimately improve the quality of your images.

Coordinating Outfits:

Remember to coordinate outfits with your partner and any older siblings if they will be part of the session. This is something to plan prior to going into labor and through into your birth bag so it’s all set for when baby decides to arrive. This doesn’t necessarily mean matching, but rather choosing colors that complement each other. If you’d like more information of coordinating outfits, refer to my styling guide that will be sent to you upon booking.

Avoid Busy Patterns:

Avoid clothing with busy patterns or logos, as these can be distracting in photographs. Which causes the focus to be taken from you and your baby. I recommend solid colors or subtle patterns. A few examples are soft floral prints, small pot-a-dots, or thin horizontal stripes.

Layers and Textures:

To add visual interest, consider layers or textures. For example, a lightweight cardigan or robe for you. Or a textured swaddle or sentimental blanket for baby can add depth to your outfit without being too distracting.

Keep It Simple:

Fresh 48 sessions are about capturing natural and candid moments, so keep your outfit simple and timeless. Avoid clothing with too many embellishments or details.

Consider the Environment:

Keep in mind the setting of the hospital or birthing center. These aren’t typically the most visually appealing settings. So, neutral and soft colors tend to work well in these environments and won’t clash with the surroundings.

Personal Touches:

These are your memories, make them personal! If you have a special item you’d like to include in the photos, such as a personalized onesie or a family heirloom, bring it along to add a personal touch. Although I recommend against large wording, ‘big brother’ or ‘big sister’ t-shirts for older siblings are an exception. As they are a sweet personal touch to celebrate your older babies big promotion. There are tons of cute options on Etsy.

Hair and Makeup:

I don’t know about you, but personally, doing my hair or makeup were the least of my worries after I had my babies. Keep your hair and makeup simple and natural if you choose to wear any. Fresh 48 sessions often aim for a natural and authentic look, so rock that messy bun and beautiful bare face.

Bring Options for your Fresh 48 Session:

If you’re unsure about what will look best, span a couple pictures and text me when you’re packing your bag. Or bring a couple of outfit options and discuss them with the me when I arrive. As I can provide guidance based on the lighting and surroundings.

What to Wear for a Fresh 48 Session Outfit Examples:

Remember that the focus of Fresh 48 sessions is on capturing genuine and emotional moments, so choose clothing that enhances the overall mood and allows you to feel comfortable and relaxed during the session.

Here are a few outfit examples I’ve put together to help you get some inspiration for coordinating your family’s outfits:

Neutrals and muted earth tones photograph beautifully in any environment. But they do especially well for indoor settings that may not have the best natural light (e.g. hospitals). Choosing one outfit with a subtle print may help give you a building block for creating a cohesive color palette for your outfits.

Keep outfits simple and comfortable, while remaining true to your family’s personality is important. Dad in jeans and a light colored t-shirt and older kids in casual outfits with colors that complement you and baby’s outfits will add a polished look to your photos.

Earth tones are always a timeless look. Incorporating the authenticity of just giving birth by allowing for skin to skin and rocking matching diapers with baby helps tell a story and create intimacy that is very true to life.

Including personalized items brings personality to your images. If dad is more comfortable in loungewear, that is welcomed for him as well. Fresh 48 sessions (and maybe Christmas) are probably the only time I think it’s okay to rock pajamas for your photo session.

Favorite Postpartum Loungewear Sites

I’ve included links to my favorite sites for beautiful and high quality postpartum robes. As mentioned in my What is a Fresh 48 Session post, I encourage you to use your Fresh 48 session as an excuse to buy yourself a robe or pajama set that you feel comfy and beautiful in. I personally found that this makes those late night feeding sessions a smidge more enjoyable.

Posh Peanut offers a variety of postpartum robes and breathable loungewear sets. They also have baby gowns and swaddles that make coordinating with your outfit easy.

Kindred Bravely is a great all-in-one shop for maternity and postpartum bras, robes, and loungewear. I invested in their bamboo pajama set in preparation for my second child and I still wear it over two years later. They are so buttery soft and comfortable, I don’t even care that the pants are too big for me now.

Storq is a sustainable company that offers items at a higher price, but are made for comfort and longevity. So if you’re someone like me who cares about the planet and prefers to shop eco-conscious, I highly recommend investing in one of their buttery soft robes, leggings, or loungewear items.

Cooper Pearl offers pajamas, nightgowns, and robes in beautiful photo friendly tones and super cute prints. They also have a variety of baby swaddles that would make coordinating your and baby’s outfits easy with ensured comfort.

Favorite Baby Gowns and Swaddle Sites

Many of the companies listed above also offer baby gowns that coordinate with mom’s robe or pajamas. But if you’ve already got your outfit nailed down, here are a few of my favorite sites for planning baby’s outfit.

P.S. Loungewear for mom or baby gowns and swaddles are hits on baby registries. 😊

Lou Lou and Company is a favorite because I love their knotted gowns. They offer a large variety of beautiful color and print options that are soft, make diaper changes a breeze, and allow for us to capture babies little toes without having to unbundle them completely.

Little Sleepies is a personal favorite in my family. They are a little print heavy, but they are cute! They also have solid prints as well. Their items are so soft, gentle on babies skin, and incredibly comfortable. My children have been wearing their pajamas for years and we love them. I didn’t mention this company above because I advise against matching. But Little Sleepies also has family matching sets if that’s your jam.

Solly Baby offers beautiful, high quality baby swaddles and gowns for an affordable price. I personally love their swaddles because they are very neutral in color, soft, easy to use, and photography beautifully. They also offer cute knotted hats to go with the outfit.

**Images are for inspiration pulled from Pinterest or company’s websites. They do not belong to me are not a representation of my work.**

Favorite Sites for Dad and Older Siblings

Remember to keep your outfit planning simple and classic. You can always count on companies like Old Navy, H&M, or Target to come through with solid outfits for photo sessions that are easy to coordinate with what you’ve planned for yourself and baby.

Planning What to Wear for a Fresh 48 Session

In preparing for your Fresh 48 session, clothing can significantly enhance the visual storytelling of those precious early moments with your newborn. Opting for comfort is key! Especially in the early postpartum period. Remember to choose breathable fabrics that allow ease of movement. Create a palette of 3-4 complementary and neutral colors. As well as coordinated outfits with your partner and older siblings. Try to avoid busy patterns to ensure the focus remains on the special little moments with your family. Feel free to add a personal touch, such as an announcement sign or special blanket. That contributes to capturing your unique family dynamic. Ultimately, aim for a look that reflects your personal style and that you feel comfortable in. Get ready to embrace the natural and candid nature of the moments you’re about to cherish forever!

If you’ve stumbled upon this post because you’re interested in a Fresh 48 session or newborn photos, get in touch so we can start planning your session now!


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What to Wear for a Fresh 48 Session?

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