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Making the decision to hire a birth photographer can be a bit nerve wrecking at first. I mean, it’s not just an investment! You’re deciding to invite someone to document one of the most vulnerable and intimate experiences of your life. But as your Eugene Oregon birth photographer, my attention to detail, calm presence, and respect for all birthing people and situations will ease your worries.

Benefits of birth photography

I believe that birth stories are the ultimate love stories. The moments of excitement, worry, discomfort, determination, and joy leading up to the arrival of your baby are once-in-a-lifetime moments. They display the purest representation of love. Birth photography is such a wonderful way to preserve the precious and emotional moments of welcoming your baby into the world. In this post I’m going to share my top five reasons to consider birth photography. As well as what to expect from working together and the answer to birth clients most frequently asked question.

Eugene Oregon birth photographer – Top 5 reasons to consider birth photography:

  1. Memories: Whether this is your first or fourth birth, the birth a child is one of the most special experience in your life. But within the haze of birth, it can be hard to remember it all. As your Eugene Oregon birth photographer, I am here to help you capture these once-in-a-lifetime memories. I will document your birthing experience in a way that allows you to more vividly remember meeting your baby for the first time.
  2. Detail-oriented: One of my goals with each birth I photograph is to capture the unique details of your birth story. I achieve this through my keen skill to observe and be a fly on the wall during your birthing experience. From your strength in active labor, determination through pushing, to the first cry of your newborn. I will document every moment in a way that tells the complete story of your child’s birth.
  3. Professional expertise: My experience in birth photography allows me to document the raw emotions and authentic moments of birth. I know how to capture the beauty and intensity of the experience. While remaining unobtrusive and respectful of your sacred birthing environment.
  4. Inclusion of partner: Hiring me as your birth photographer allows your partner to be more present in supporting you. Since they do not have to worry about taking photos, your partner will be more present. With me there to capture the reactions of your partner and family members during the birth, they can fully attend to you. It’s also a beautiful opportunity to share the story with your child when they’re older.
  5. Postpartum healing: In the case that your birth does not go as planned, or an emergency arrises, I will offer a postpartum session as a way to help document your healing after birth. These photos may be a powerful reminder of the strength and resilience during your postpartum period. I’ve also been told that birth photography helped bring closure to a client welcoming their last baby into the family.

What to expect when hiring me as your Eugene Oregon birth photographer

When you hire me as your birth photographer, you are hiring me to join your birth team. I will be on-call starting at 38 weeks. Being on-call means, my camera bag is packed and ready to go at all times. My phone is charged and ringer volume on high so I can be reached at all hours. It also means I do not plan any out of town trips. I have on-call sitters lined up for my own children. If I go to an event with my family, I drive separately incase I need to leave for your birth.

Open communication is key for birth photography. Updates on your pregnancy progression or any changes in your birth plan are important to share with me. When labor starts, you’ll give me a heads up so I can prepare to leave in the near future. I aim to arrive when you are in active labor. Then documenting your story through delivery, and up to two hours after babies arrival.

One to two days following your birth, I will text you a few sneak peek images. I send these in web sizing via text. This is typically easier for you since you may not be near a computer to download your high resolution images. I will email you a private gallery link including 100+ edited, high-resolution images within three-four weeks after the delivery of your baby. You may download, print, and share your images as you choose. If your memory of the day is a little hazy, your gallery should help tell your full birth story. I am happy to schedule a postpartum session or meeting to help retell your birth story from an observers perspective as well.

My favorite birthing preparation resources:

A bonus of hiring me as your birth photographer is I have a deep-rooted passion for birth that goes beyond photographing it. I’m kind of a birth nerd and love sharing resources with those interested. These may vary based on your birthing preferences, but I’ve listed some of my all time favorites that you might find helpful.

  • The Gentle Birth App: An amazing tool for helping mentally prepare for birth. With daily affirmations, meditations, and other mindfulness practices, this app combines brain science, birth science, and technology to help parents have a positive birth. Whatever that may mean for you.
  • Eugene Yoga: With locations in Downtown and South Eugene, this yoga studio offers both prenatal specific class as well as gentle yoga classes that may help ease pregnancy aches or help prepare your body to ease into birth.
  • Daisy Chain: This wonderful community program offers free, culturally competent, birth and postpartum doula services, as well as lactation support to individuals in Lane County. As well as numerous other resources to our community.

Eugene Oregon birth photographer FAQs:

What if you miss our birth?

I totally understand this concern, birth is unpredictable and there’s no telling how quickly or slowly it’ll progress. By going on-call for you at 37th week of your pregnancy, I’m there for you the weeks leading up to your birth through ongoing communication and updates. While I make every effort to make it to your birth in time, there’s always the risk of missing it.

In cases of a precipitous birth, I will arrive to you as soon as I’m capable. To document the moments immediately following birth & the magical firsts with your new baby. In cases of an emergency cesarean and hospital restrictions not allowing photographers in the operating room, we will set up a coming home or postpartum session. These are details we will go over in our consult call. Please reach out to set up and phone meeting and I will go over all your questions and concerns.

Can your camera handle low light?

Yes! I purchased my camera specifically with birth photography in mind. My main body camera offers high ISO (or light gathering) capabilities and I may also use a bounce flash during really dark environments in order to maintain quality images by decreasing the amount of grain in your images.

How will my birth images be protected?

There are no re-shoots when it comes to birth photography. So I take extra precaution to protect your images. I will photography your birth on a camera that offers a dual slot memory card system. Meaning your images will be recorded on not one, but two memory cards. Upon leaving your birth, I will upload your birth images onto my laptop and an external hard drive. Making your birth images stored in four places – two memory cards, my laptop, and an external hard drive!

Do I need to talk to my provider to ask if they allow birth photography?

Yes! It is your responsibility to your provider and hospital allow birth photography during your labor and delivery. If you are having a home birth, there’s a very high probability that birth photography is welcome. Please discuss this prior to securing your due date. Many hospitals do not allow photography in the OR. If you’re having a cesarean and your hospital has OR restrictions, a Fresh 48 session is a wonderful alternative.

How far in advance should we book? How many birth clients do you take on?

I take on 1-2 births a month and there are some months that I am off-call for birth photography. It is best to reserve your date as soon as possible, which is typically around the 20th week of pregnancy. But if you’re further along please reach out still, as I may have an opening for you! I also offer maternity and newborn packages if you’re interested in a full beginning of life story.

How do we reserve our due date?

Reach out to set up a pre-booking consult call. We will discuss your due date, desires for your birth and package options that best suit your needs. Once you’ve decided on a package, you will receive a service agreement to read and sign. A $300 retain fee is also due at this time to secure your due date on my calendar.

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